Best Measures To Recover From Damaged Oracle Database

Are you getting problem while using oracle database? Unable to access database and other services? Want to recover database and so are you looking for a solution? Read the given article given below to get answer to your question.

An Oracle database is a collection of organized data treated as a single unit. Oracle database is used to store and retrieve information and data. A database server is mainly responsible for information management and solving problems related to management. Database server manages relatively a large amount of data so that multiple users can simultaneously access the same data.

Features of Oracle database –

  • It is built around a relational database framework by which users can easily access data.
  • It has its own network components that allow communications across networks.
  • Its architecture splits between logical and physical.
  • Oracle can run on major platforms like Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS.
  • How do you meet Oracle database problems?
  • Though database deletion is a rare case, there are some other conditions that may damage your database. Some of them are listed below –
  • Accidentally deleted database objects, modules or other integral components.
  • Hardware or software problem in database server.
  • Any type of physical damage to hard drive of system may result in database loss.
  • Locked database or corrupt .DBF file.
  • Missing tables, indices and triggers.

Cope-up with Oracle Database damage

Once a database gets damaged or corrupted, it seems nearly not possible to recover all data. However it is made possible by Stellar Phoenix Oracle Database Recovery software. You can easily recover database, be it deletion, corruption and inaccessibility, Stellar Phoenix provides 100% risk free and fast database recovery.

Stellar Phoenix Oracle Database Recovery software has some unique features. These are –

  • Performs database recovery by repairing corrupt .DBF file.
  • Perform a scan to search for all Oracle databases inside your system.
  • Provide preview of recovered database objects.
  • Selective recovery of DBF file and its components.
  • Can recover data from MySQL, MS Access, QuickBooks, DB2, Visual FoxPro, etcetera.
  • It is equipped with advance technology and infrastructure enabling Stellar to successfully recover corrupted or damaged database.

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