Best Recovery Solution For Lost Partition

Partition loss is not at all similar to data loss. This problem is much bigger as compared to data loss. Partition loss results in loss of all the data saved on that partition forever. It can drive users crazy if any important data is lost, saved on the missing partition. However, users can easily create a new partition but that will not solve the problem of lost data. Mostly, lost partition contains some valuable data that actually brings enormous losses to users. Losing one or more partitions is a big hit to users as the whole data can get inaccessible or corrupt. However, there are four kinds of cases for partition loss –

  • First is where boot partition is lost.
  • Second is all partitions are missing in hard drive.
  • Third is all partitions are missing except boot partitions.
  • Forth, some partitions are lost or some are not.

Reasons for loss of partitions

Often, users are not aware of the reasons for lost partitions. In some cases, users press the wrong button and lose their partition. Here, several reasons are listed below to know the exact cause for partition loss –

  • Partition table is integral part of hard drive and is responsible for displaying partitions. If, somehow, it gets damaged, data in it cannot be read or write.
  • Careless operation can cause unintentional deletion of hard disk’s partition.
  • It will not be wrong saying that virus is hidden in every corner of the network and enters the system silently. Thus, partitions can be deleted easily once a virus infects your system.
  • If a sector or track containing data is damaged by any scratch or stain, entire hard disk will be dead.

Recover Lost Partition

As soon as you discover that your hard drive partition is missing then do not operate your system so as to prevent overwriting of the old content. Then make use of a Partition Recovery Software for your assistance which is particularly designed to recover lost, deleted or damaged partitions. Some of its features are –

  • Easy to use interface and is best software for partition recovery.
  • It can easily recover every type of file systems running on Windows computer or Mac computers.
  • Full featured provides you all around recovery solution for unlimited data types like files, images, music, videos, etc.

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