Best Solution To Convert MBOX to PST Hassle Free

MBOX file format is used by Apple Mail, ClawsMail and Spicebird and many more family of email applications but it is not supported by Microsoft Outlook software, a popular email client from Microsoft Inc. Numerous e-mail users must get to know that MBOX mailbox data file store mail message, information in plain-text forms i.e a text file format. Often the MBOX user may come across a situation to access e-mails in MS Outlook which is completely dumb to MBOX format. Moreover, Mailbox Migration(MBOX), in which case records such as e-mails, contacts, appointments or tasks may also be migrated. In general, e-mail migration is required when a user is switching from its current email client to a new one. Usually email clients don’t support similar file formats for saving mailbox data.

Why Do We Need To Convert MBOX To PST?

MBOX and PST are two different data files used by Apple Mail and Windows Outlook respectively. The difference between both files is that MBOX is more of a generic kind, applicable to many email clients and limitation that mailbox items is only accessible in Linux and Mac OS. PST, on the other hand, is a proprietary file format applicable only in Windows Outlook client. One can see why email migration between these two email clients can be an issue. And that is when one starts looking for an MBOX to PST converter.

The Best Converter — Stellar MBOX TO PST Software

Stellar MBOX to PST Converter, converts mailbox from AppleMail, Spicebird, Thunderbird, Entourage, Mulberry, Pocomail, Eudora, SeaMonkey, ClawsMail, Netscape, OperaMail, Evolution, Sylpheed, MozillaMail, Cone, Mutt, and Gnu Mail files to Outlook mailbox (PST files). You can see the preview of converted mails after successful completion of conversion process. Stellar MBOX to PST Converter is a powerful converter utility helping users to convert and export emails from MBOX supported email application.

Some Unique Features Of Stellar MBOX to PST Converter

  • User friendly and secure software.
  • Provides preview of mails.
  • Log Report.
  • Convert Thunderbird files,Cone,Mutt files,Gnu Mail,Spicebird files,Entourage files To Outlook PST files.
  • Converts Pocomail files,Eudora files,AppleMail,Mulberry files, SeaMonkey files, Netscape files, ClawsMail files, OperaMail, MozillaMail, Evolution files, Sylpheed files To Outlook PST files.

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