Few Easy Steps To Remove File Permanently Using BitRaser

Most Operating System default Delete function does not ensure your files cannot be recovered, even if you also remove them from the Recycle Bin. Even though, giving away your computer or selling (or just the hard drive), deleting all your personal data is critically important. However, the problem is when you delete files using the Windows method, the files are not deleted actually. They are just marked as removed, and become invisible to Operating System, thats why you never see it anywhere.

The files is still exist on the hard drive and just gets overwritten with the time as new data is added. This is done only to save your time so that you do not have to wait for permanently deletion. Furthermore if you format your hard drive or Uninstall Windows and install again, data will still present and not be deleted or can be recovered using any recovery tools. To make sure all your data is removed from your storage media all you need to find a better solution to delete permanently your important files.

BitRaser For File Is Safe, Faster And Securely Erase Software

BitRaser for file is an effective solution for permanently deleting your sensitive and unwanted data that can be easily recovered using any data recovery software. BitRaser for file deletes files, volumes, folders, Internet activities, system, and application traces beyond the scope of recovery. Even this software also removes the unused space on the system to protect your privacy. You can as well erase selected files and folders without erasing the entire data.

It uses overwriting techniques to make the data unrecoverable. Memory is completely reusable after data erasing activity. BitRaser for File securely erases system, application and Internet traces from your system there by ensuring privacy to the sensitive data. Erase Now feature of the software erases drive, files and folders permanently making them unrecoverable.

What Does This Mean For Organization

  1. Reduce risk of data loss
  2. Meet data security standards and European legislation
  3. Spend less management time and less time employee
  4. Save costs on organization, execution and control of your IT Asset Disposition

Best Key Features Makes This Software Unique

  • Software is based on GUI.

  • Equipped with 17 world class erasure algorithms with 3 options of erasure verification (No verification, Random verification and Total verification).

  • Erases data from mapped drives in your system.

  • Option to search for a specific file using its name.

  • Erases Unused space to secure privacy and optimized use of memory (Supports FAT, exFAT, NTFS file systems).

  • Erases system activity traces to ensure privacy and improved system speed.

  • Erases installed application traces and Internet activity traces.

  • Option to create erasure list containing the names of files and folders that can be erased in a single step.

  • Wipe data files with a single right click.

  • Option to schedule and view erasing tasks.

  • Application equipped with password protection.

  • Log report option for future assistance.

  • Support for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows server 2012, 2008, 2003.

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