Get Effective And Best Solution To Merge Multiple PST Files

Outlook is a most popular mail management application and outlook support PST file format to store all its data and information. PST file contains There are number of PST files are used to store large amount of outlook data files like email, task, calenders, etc. The file PST automatically created when you start working with an Outlook email client. Usually, Outlook home users do not need to work with multiple files. But in organization, Outlook email application used by every single employee to communication and share information, so Outlook PST file is automatically increased day by day.

Problems Occurred Due to Multiple PST Data Files

It is very common situation where your Outlook e-mail client contains multiple PST file, but you can experience many issues after created huge no of files some problems like as Sometime these files get corrupted, difficult to manage multiple files, misplaced or accidentally deleted, Outlook e-mail client takes too much time to load, these multiple files affected outlook performance, and viewing all these files at the same time is also difficult for you. All These problem usually occurred when you have many PST files. To handle this situation you need a file merger tool that can easily merge all PST files into a single one.

Why It is Needed To Merge Multiple PST to Single PST file?

If you are using Outlook e-mail client frequently in corporate workplace so PST files automatically increases its common situation, but some times you have more numbers of PST files, then you may stuck with this situation and you need a solution to combine all PST files into a single file. There is a another situation like If you are using Outlook in two or more personal computers where you need to merge PST files, so your all important e-mails (information) is stored in different machine. Now, the question arises, is there any possible method or way available for Merging Outlook PST file in single one.

Stellar Merge PST is the Single Solution

Stellar Merge PST is a best tool which is designed to merge multiple Outlook PST files into a single file with out any modifying contents of the original Outlook PST files. This application can be used to merge contacts, email, notes, calendars, journal, to-do and tasks folders from different PST files created in different Outlook versions. The file PST can be joined, creating multiple folder hierarchies within one PST file, or they can be merged where matching folders are combined within a new or into an existing PST file. The user can also merge only specified data from the PST file such as contacts, calendars or any other folder from the specified PST file without the need to merge all PST files. The tool helps to eliminate duplicate items and excluding deleted items from new PST file during the merging process.

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