How To Recover/Repair SQL Database Error

SQL Database Error :-

SQL is the name of Database application by Microsoft which enables us to insert, edit or manipulate data. But, unfortunately it contains some short of error during the course of data entry or manipulating due to some notified error/issues. In most of the cases its MDF and NDF corrupt due to unavoidable circumstances that turns it inaccessible.

Favorable Reason Behind SQL Database Error :-

SQL Database may hold a series of reasons behind its corruption of MDF and NDF file. Reportedly it is said that there’s some hazards like sudden power failure, overflow of storage locations, incomplete installation of software, non compatibility of hardware or OS versions, virus attack and many more that are responsible for the corruption of core files of SQL Database due to which it start malfunctioning and hence cause error

How To Repair/Recover SQL Database :-

Yes, it is quite possible to repair a corrupted SQL Database file but you have to be first sure about the need of Database repair. For this you have to run “dbcc checkdb(‘DB-NAME’) with no infomsgs” where DB-NAME is the name of victim database. Now, if the above commands will complete without displaying any error after firing then there’s no need to be repaired, also if it contains the error “…. Run DBCC UPDATEUSAGE” then no need to repair and you have to run the following command :
“dbcc updateusage(‘DB-NAME’) with no infomsgs”
However if any of the message contains different error messages then you have to opt for a sudden solution that can repair your corrupted SQL Database with ease of access and without losing the original data or file of the same. Repairing process can be done Manually but it needs your deep knowledge and expertness in database commanding and processing. Manual methods increases the chance of data loss and more destruction.

Manual Method :-

1. Replace the database into single user mode i.e. alter database DB-NAME set SINGLE_USER

2. Use REPAIR_REBUILD or REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS: First one is best and can be opted by the user. Second one is used if there is no any way and it need your data loss possibility.
Command: dbcc checkdb(‘DB-NAME’, REPAIR_REBUILD)

3. After the repairing of database you have escape from single user mode by using “set database DB-NAME set MULTI_USER”.

Automatic Method :-

This is the use of SQL Database Repair Tool like Stellar Phoenix Database Repair. It is recommended to use this method because of risk free factor. It easy and convenient to use as it is just like any other application that is run and follow the steps.

Key Features Of Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Repair Software :-

  • Simple, Handy and professional.
  • Almost repair all your MDF and NDF file correctly.
  • It repairs rather than it recovers in original form.
  • Recovers deleted records, Tables, Triggers,Indexes, Keys, Rules and Defaults.
  • Excellent team of programmers and technical supports.

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