How To Repair Corrupted SQL Anywhere

What is SQL Anywhere?

Before you go through the steps to repair SQL Anywhere, you first need to understand the term SQL Anywhere. SQL Anywhere is a relational database management system, a product from SAP. It can run on various platforms like Windows, Mac OS X, and different types of UNIX OS such as Linux, AIX, HP-UX and Solaris. In SQL Anywhere, databases are independent of operating system which allow it to be copied among various supported platforms. Additionally, it provides data management, data exchange and data synchronization enabling the developers to quickly design , build and deploy database powered applications or programs.

Features of SQL Anywhere

  • It is designed to be run on computers in satellite offices, mobile devices, and servers in smaller businesses like retail stores and restaurants.
  • It is able to run point of business application without on-premises IT staff and low maintenance due to its capability of self-healing and zero administration.
  • It has strong data encryption which ensures data security.

Problems arising due to SQL Anywhere

A number of problem arises when you use SQL Anywhere database. One of the problem faced by user is incorrect authentication. When you attach a database in question to it and try to connect to server, users are not able to pass the authentication step even after trying default dba/sql combination. Another problem is that SQL Anywhere can generate error report when a crash occurs in the database in the diagnostic directory. There can be unexpected changes in the database size. A database server performance warning appears continuously. And some network communication related issues involves different component’s problems like logging problem, incompatible protocols, wiring problems, timeout values.

Troubleshoot SQL Anywhere problems

Stellar Phoenix Repair for SQL Anywhere is designed to repair corrupt databases of SQL Anywhere. This software very efficiently recover objects in this database without even making a slight modification to database structure.

Overall basic features of Stellar Phoenix Repair for SQL Anywhere

  • You can save recovered objects to a new database.
  • Repairs everything of a database like tables, indices, views, triggers, keys, etc.
  • Display preview of recovered objects.
  • Can import repaired database into Live database.
  • Supports 9.x, 10.x, 11.x, 12.x and 16.x versions of SQL Anywhere database.

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