How To Retrieve Lost Data On Windows Using Windows Data Recovery: Technician

Windows Data Recovery: Technician

Windows Data Recovery firm has developed a new variant namely Windows Data Recovery: Technician. It has brought noticeably new enhancements to the existing functionality making it a reliable and trustworthy product. As you all know, windows store relatively a large amount of data in its storage memory. So it uses RAID (redundant array of inexpensive disk) to store same data in different places by combining multiple hard disk drive components into single logical unit. RAID is a data storage virtualization technology. Combining is done for the purpose of data redundancy, performance improvement and data reliability.

Data loss in Windows

Windows hard drive stores its files and folders in RAID generally. RAID employs two techniques disk mirroring and disk striping to store data. These techniques makes data feasible for easy accessing, better performance and availability. Owing to its powerful and secure features, you come across loss or damage of data. Data can be photos, videos, files, documents and any other thing. Damage to data can be due to a set of reasons like virus attack, hard disk crash, disk formatting, hardware or any software malfunctions and replacement.

Recover through Windows Data Recovery: Technician

When a piece of data stored on your hard disk, RAID, solid state drive, USB stick or any other storage media, you probably hire an expert to perform data recovery. Certainly, data recovery is not always possible specially when it comes to hard disk fault. It may be possible that system may be too corrupted or damaged to get back much of the data. But, relax, windows data recovery technology has become extremely advanced to be able to recover 99% of data from hard disk.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery: Technician is one of the best software capable of recovering data from RAID 0, RAID 5 or RAID 6 arrays of hard drives. It has complete range of advanced features to recover from external media, RAID servers and Windows hard drives.

Following features will help you to know more about it –

  • It can create Virtual RAID when RAID construction fails.
  • Can recover lost or missing RAID logical volumes.
  • Provides ‘remote recovery’ to recover data from remote PCs.

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