How To Troubleshoot Problems Of Access Database

What is Access Database?

Access Database is a relational database management system, commonly known as RDBMS. It is a part of MS-office suite. Microsoft Access stores a large amount of data in its own format. It is capable of linking directly to saved in another software and databases. It is pretty much different from SQL server or MY SQL database because Access Database is a flat file which is uploaded on the hosting server. It is a collection of data that get stored on the computer system.

Features of Access Database

  • It allows users to enter, analyze and access data quickly.
  • It is easier to understand and use than client-server database.
  • Ready-made templates for users to create and publish data easily.
  • Effortlessly builds and publishes web database.
  • Using VBA code, it allows programmer to create custom solutions.
  • It allows to produce output of reports in PDF format.
  • Can import and export databases to other applications.

Causes that could corrupt Access Database

There can be several number of instances that can cause abnormal behavior of Access Database. In some extreme cases, the Access Database likely to get corrupted, damaged and inaccessible resulting in loss of data. Such scenarios in which Access Database get damaged are –

  • Database may get corrupted due to virus attack.
  • Software malfunctioning.
  • Corruption of storage media.
  • Accidental shutting down of system.
  • If a database file is shared on network and multiple users work on it simultaneously then file may become corrupted.
  • Problem with Visual Basic Application may possess database design damage such as lost VBA code and unusable forms.
  • Sometimes, network service loss indicates database file corruption.

How to repair Access Database

To repair corrupted Access Database, you may need a commercial utility tool for this purpose. Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair is a sophisticated utility tool that enables repairing of Access Database with precision. Some of its features are –

  • It can repair corrupted MDB and ACCDB database files.
  • It can restores queries, tables, indexes, relations and all objects including deleted records.
  • It supports linked tables and data type.
  • It is able to retrieve password protected forms and modules.
  • It is supported by almost all versions of MS Access like 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000.

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