Learn How To Erase Mac Data Permanently

Now Days, every IT organization or a computer user is concerns for the safety of there valuable data or files. Among them, If confidential data that are no longer required by them should be securely removed. Taking about a Mac user, that stores various kinds of confidential data on the system including proprietary data, medical and/or financial information, etc. However, over the time, such data might not be of any use. It is very much necessary to securely remove such data from the system that are no longer required. However, it is recommended to have professional data removal software. The reason is behind this, deleting your old files, and clearing the Recycle Bin, is not enough to remove them from your computer.

When a user deleted a file, it is not actually removed from the hard disk. All that is done is that a certain marker is set on the hard disk to sign that the file is no longer available. The contents of the file are still available on the hard disk. If someone were use a data recovery tool, he/she might able to recover your file or portions of your file. The same is true of formatting a hard disk. Modern hard disk formatting utilities do not wipe the hard disk – they just reset some information in the hard disk. The data is still there.

Erase Mac Data Permanently Using Stellar Wipe

Stellar Wipe is a comprehensive and complete solution to maintain your computer privacy by wiping worthless yet sensitive information from your computer. Wiped data is beyond recovery. Stellar Wipe can be used to wipe files or folders or entire Hard Drive. Usually, Operating systems store records of all activities such as browsing Internet and opening documents constantly. In addition, deleted or formatted data leaves traces on hard drive. Data recovery software use these traces to recover data, making the hard drive inefficient. When a user delete data from hard drive, the data content is not deleted entirely, instead the space occupied by the data is marked as free space and the new data is written on that free space.

Stellar Wipe erases data completely from hard drive. Once data from the Drive is wiped using Stellar Wipe no one will be able to recover that data. Stellar Wipe also erases all system traces. In addition, it can erase free space completely such that all traces of previously stored data will be completely removed. If you wipe the whole Hard Drive all the data present in the drive is erased beyond recovery. Extremely secure algorithms which confirm to the US Government DoD standards are used to ensure permanent data deletion. Stellar Wipe can use any of the algorithms for wiping process. The software is menu driven, simple to use with an intuitive interface, and requires no prior technical skill.

Key Features That Marks This Software Unique

  • Wipes Instant Messaging.

  • New and enhanced user interface.

  • Wipes free space, Internet browsing data stored by Web browsers

  • Wipes system traces and multiple files or folders simultaneously.

  • Wipes Recent File Histories and Schedules wiping task.

  • Wipes multiple drives simultaneously.

  • Creates Bootable DVD.

  • Gives option to select wiping algorithm for wiping task.

  • Preferences can be set.

  • Wipes file or folder directly from the system using Services option in Finder and right click drop down menu.

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