Linux Data Recovery

Data is very crucial bit in professional as well as in personal existence. Without data there would be vast expanse of nothingness. Spreadsheets, emails, documents, contacts, databases, files, folders have become an integral part of daily existence. But things never go perfect in this world. At least once in a while, most of the users do something wrong with the important data like whether you delete it or it get corrupted automatically due to some reasons. No matter what was the cause whether it was your fault or not, anything can happen to data stored on your system. Devices like removable media, hard drives, solid state drives all can potentially lose data due to a variety of reasons.

What is data recovery

Data recovery is the technique of handling and rescuing data from damaged, corrupted, failed or inaccessible secondary storage media when normal accessing is not possible. Recovery of data may be essential due to physical damage to storage device and logical damage to file system that prevents it from being mounted by the host operating system. Data recovery is more often required in case of failure of operating system. When the computer system fails to boot then you need to save or recover your important data.

Best data recovery tool for Linux

If you are running a Linux operating system on your computer then you need a Linux data recovery software to recover. Linux may corrupt in many ways either by a virus attack or by a hard disk damage. Whatever the condition may be you lose important data, document and program files. Instead of freaking out over the fact that the files have gone, it is a better idea to use a data recovery tool. Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery assist you in recovering deleted files back from the Linux computer. Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery is a complete package for retrieving lost, formatted and deleted data even from Linux based file system like Ext4, Ext3, Ext2, exFAT, FAT 32, FAT 16 and FAT 12.

Key features of Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery

  • Facilitates recovery from hard drive volumes, removable drives and other Linux based storage media.
  • Provides raw recovery features to perform signature based recovery of data from Linux volumes.
  • Dedicated ‘Photo Recovery’ and ‘CD DVD Recovery’ module to recover data from Linux volumes and other Linux based devices.

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