QuickBooks Repair : Get Files Without Hampering QuickBooks File Components

QuickBooks is an accounting software used by many business organizations for business write-up, financial reporting, and book-keeping. QuickBooks helps in managing inventory, tracking expenditure, creating invoices, balancing ledgers and managing employees’ data. The accounting software stores company information and data in QBW files for Windows platform and QB files For Mac platform. This file contains all the information about company, customers, vendors and employees. If this file gets corrupted, the company will incur huge financial loss and its reputation will be at stake. Therefore, successful recovery of QuickBooks file is an issue of high importance as future of the company is dependent on data contained in it.

While using QuickBooks, to store your important financial data. In case you may encounter following symptoms which is described below while you try to create, open or use your QuickBooks Company file, be sure the file has gotten corrupt and you need a recovery tool for QuickBooks recovery that helps you to recover important data completely from the corrupt file. If you are working on Mac platform, it will also show you the same.

Damage or Corruption In QuickBooks file is characterized by the Following Symptoms.

  • The QuickBooks application shuts down or closes unexpectedly.

  • You may face several data inconsistency issues like reports etc.

  • Your crucial information is missing from the file.

  • You see deposited payments in the ‘Payments to Deposit’ window.

  • The balance sheets contain incorrect information.

  •  A few transactions are missing from the records.

  • You cannot open the QuickBooks company file. You cannot save some transactions.

  • Appearance of the following messages:
    “Company file in use, please wait”

Stellar Recovery Software Is Best Solution For QuickBooks Recovery

Stellar Recovery for QuickBooks is a unique software that recovers damaged and corrupt QuickBooks files. The software efficiently recovers almost every bit of information in the damaged QuickBooks file. It has many features that make it unique among other products. It has the ability to perform whole drive scan to search all the QuickBook files, does not modify old files and gives summary of data items present in the corrupt file.

Features Associated With Stellar QuickBooks Recover Software

  • Provides option to select corrupt files .qb(For Mac), .qbw (For Windows)from desired location.

  • Provides Find Files option in case if you do not know the location of corrupt files.

  • Recovers and displays preview of Customer information (Customer Name, Address Info, Additional Info, Payment Info, Job Info and Notes).

  • Recovers and displays preview of Vendor information (Vendor Name, Address Info, Additional Info and Account Prefill).

  • Recovers and displays preview of Employees information (Personal Info, payroll and Compensation Info and Employment Info).

  • Creates and saves log report for every repairing process.

  • Supports recovery for QuickBooks Enterprise Solution, Premier, Pro and Simple Start editions (For Mac Platform).

  • Compatible with QuickBooks Simple Start, Premier, Professional, and Enterprise editions(For Windows Version).



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