Quick & Effective Data Erasure Solution Using BitRaser

Data Erasure (also called data wiping or data clearing) is a software-based method of overwriting the data that goals to completely destroy all electronic data residing on a hard disk drive or other storage media. Permanent data erasure goes beyond basic file deletion commands, which only remove direct pointers to the data disk sectors and make the data recovery possible with common software tools. Unlike degaussing and physical destruction, which render the storage media unusable, data erasure removes all information while leaving the disk operable. New flash memory based media implementations, such as solid state drives or USB flash drives can cause data erasure techniques to fail allowing remnant data to be recoverable.

Data Erasure Is The Necessity

Most Information technology firms are commonly hold large volumes of confidential data. Social security numbers, bank details, credit card numbers, medical history and classified information are often stored on computer hard drives or servers. These can inadvertently or intentionally make their way onto other media such as printers, USB, flash, Zip, Jaz, and REV drives. Even though, increasing storage of sensitive data, combined with rapid technological change and the shorter lifespan of IT assets, has driven the need for permanent data erasure of electronic devices as they are retired or refurbished. Also, compromised networks and laptop theft and loss, as well as that of other portable media, are increasingly common sources of data breaches.

  • IT Firm could be At RISK of Compromising Information Security .

  • DATA ERASURE techniques like deleting and formatting are unsafe and compromise confidentiality.

BitRaser Is The Best Solution

BitRaser is a portable and reliable software application providing permanent data erasure of storage device. This application erases data in order to prevent recovery of sensitive data that is no more required. Many organizations and users, While formatting their hard drives, still found an open possibility of data being recovered. BitRaser solves this problem efficiently by using powerful algorithms that fill the storage device with useless binary data. This leaves no possibility of data being recovered. BitRaser is a solution from Stellar Data Recovery.

Key Features of BitRaser Data Erasure

  • Option to boot from either a USB dongle or CD/DVD.

  • Supports up to 32 hard drives for simultaneous erasure.

  • Supports erasure of IDE, SATA, SCSI hard drives SSD, Flash drive, USB drive.

  • Displays SMART information of connected IDE and SATA hard drives.

  • Software allows you to customize reports and erasure certificate with an option to save reports in PDF, XML or HTML format.

  • Equipped with 17 world class wiping algorithms with 3 options of erasure verification (No verification, Random verification and Total verification).

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