SCO Openserver (HTFS & EAFS)

About SCO Openserver

SCO OpenServer is a closed source computer operating system developed by Santa Cruz Operation which is later acquired by SCO Group and now owned by Xinous. The early versions of Open Server is based on UNIX system V whereas the later version of OpenServer is based on FreeBSD.

SCO OpenServer includes support for large files, increased memory and multi threaded kernel. SCO OpenServer is widely used in small offices, point of sale systems(POS), back office database server, for large companies and for banks in Russia and China and railway system of India.

HTFS stands for High Throughput File System is the journaling file system used by latest versions of SCO OpenServer and is a successor of EAFS.

SCO OpenServer Data Recovery Software

Stellar Phoenix SCO OpenServer Data Recovery constitutes powerful methods to recover all your lost, deleted and formatted UNIX data from HTFS and EAFS file system based volume using efficient features.

Features of SCO OpenServer Data Recovery

  • It provides recovery of lost files, folders and directories.
  • Can recovers lost data from hard drives with different interfaces such as SCSI, SATA, EIDE and IDE.
  • Easy graphical interface with detail instructions.
  • Able to create images of selected hard drive and volume.

Brief discussion on features of SCO OpenServer Data Recovery Software

Quick Recovery

This feature allows you to quickly recover all lost files. Also can scan volumes based on HTFS and EAFS file system and bring back all the deleted or damaged data.

Advance Recovery

With this powerful and accurate feature, it is easy to get back lost or corrupted data. Compared to quick recovery option, it takes more time but gives better results.

Deleted File Recovery

This software is a UNIX based recovery tool which helps in retrieving back all the files which are deleted unintentionally or accidentally from the hard drive. That is why it ensures complete recovery as well as allows searching of files based on signature.

Drive Status

This feature is quite helpful as it is able to show different kinds of information about your hard drive like serial number, model number, size, temperature, status and revision number of the firmware. Generally, it keeps an eye on the hard disk’s health status.

Drive Cloning

It facilitates to built an exact copy of hard drive. Using this copy, you can easily restore lost data due to hard disk failure.

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