Virtual Machine Data Recovery : An Effective Recovery Tool

Virtual Machine Data Recovery is an extremely useful tool from IT standpoint. A virtual machine is as vulnerable to data loss as storage devices containing data. It can prove to be a disaster if virtual machines fail due to failure of hard drive containing virtual machines. Virtual Machine Data Recovery can help you in this aspect.

First understand, what is virtualization and virtual machine. In terms of data storage, virtualization means taking physical data storage device and making a digital version of it with the help of external storage media like floppy disk, CD/DVD or even hard disk. Virtualization has taken computer sector by storm. A virtual hard disk exactly treats like a real physical hard drive. Virtual machine is somewhat when you put an operating system onto a virtual hard drive. Virtual machine works as if it is your computer. Virtual machine is very useful from fun and convenience to disaster recovery point. Number of virtual machine on a single system depends on the size of hard drive or server.

Reasons behind failure of virtual machine

Though virtual machine has lot going, it is as safe as the device it is stored on. If you have a virtual machine and any important details are stored on RAID-5 NAS device, you will be have to face big trouble if two of the hard drives in the array fail. Moreover, virtual partitions may be deleted accidentally from the device they are stored on. A virtual hard drive on a real hard drive when fails, the integrity of virtual hard drive could be in jeopardy. Some kind of physical RAID server failure or hard drive failure containing your virtual machine can corrupt it. Else, any logical corruption also leads to damaging of virtual machine.

Why choose Virtual Machine Data Recovery

Data recovery in virtual machine is a complex process that a client cannot easily accomplish without any aid. But, Stellar Phoenix Virtual Machine Data Recovery is equipped with groundbreaking data recovery techniques.

Key features of Stellar Phoenix Virtual Machine Data Recovery –

  • Recover all types of office documents, multimedia files and database files from virtual machine.
  • Supports easy recovery from different kinds of files systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, exFAT file and NTFS based on virtual drives.
  • It can recover data from corrupt disks or virtual volumes.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Can recover all data from virtual machines lost due to file system corruption or formatting.

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